Our flagship product PDF-eXPLODE can automate bulk delivery of your invoicing, payslips, vendor pay advices and more via e-mail, fax, SharePoint and FTP saving you around $0.50c or more per document for sure!

  • 1000+ Users over several industry types, in 26+ Countries
  • Easy to connect to your existing business software
  • The more you use it, the more you SAVE


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Send AUTOMATICALLY to multiple destinations

Businesses are under increasng pressure to find more efficient ways to communicate. Enter PDF-eXPLODE, an 'End-to-End' application. It will link to any business software via the Windows Print function. It will then convert the windows output to a 'Master' PDF and then explode this PDF into multiple PDFs delivering them to multiple destinations using email, Fax, FTP or SharePoint. All you need to do is:


and watch PDF-eXPLODE go to work quickly, efficiently and silently! You will be impressed at the efficiencies generated. PDF-eXPLODE will definitely save you heaps! You are just ONE click away from e-Delivery.

The more you process, the more YOU SAVE

Each invoice, statement, payslip or vendor remittance you process via PDF-eXPLODE will save you on average around $0.50c each or more. So it follows that the more you process using the Report Bursting capability of PDF-eXPLODE, the more money you will save.


The benefits from document bursting with PDF-eXPLODE goes beyond savings on postage - there is the effort of sorting, printing, envelope stuffing and mailing too. You can't go past PDF-eXPLODE for report or document bursting. Our 1000+ Users could not be wrong when it comes to saving money.

Give your Business that professional 'upmarket' look!

Take the stress out of your processing. The extensive features available in PDF-eXPLODE make report distribution and archiving easier and more secure than you think - like password protected email document attachments. What's great is you don't have to be an IT expert to benefit from PDF-eXPLODE. There is a simple install wizard and comprehensive Help file. Best of all is the fast free support for the first 60 days after purchase, no matter where you are.


It is no wonder our Users rate it the best after-sales software support around.

Martina Koziak, Page After Page, USA

"By combining the functionality of Crystal Reports with PDF-eXPLODE, we are now able to create and distribute hundreds of individual reports in under 15 minutes, a process that took us days in the past. PDF-eXPLODE saves us $700 a month and we're able to generate more revenue because my staff can focus on their core goals. Buying PDF-eXPLODE was a no-brainer"

Roger Cann, allpay.net UK

"Running alongside Crystal Reports, PDF-eXPLODE provides us with all the functionality we need to encrypt, name, and distribute individual multi-document files to a growing number of clients, already saving us in the region of £1000 per month. This figure will increase as we persuade more clients to take up this cost effective and environmentally friendly distribution method. PDF-eXPLODE is an excellent piece of software. I would certainly recommend it to others on the basis that it does what it is supposed to, is very configurable and the support in the initial set-up and learning curve is second to none. Allowing for the time difference, every e-mail I have sent - and there have been quite few - has always been answered straight away with good sound advice. Other suppliers I have dealt with sometimes take days to respond to a support call."

Elaine Retz, Accountant, California Retired Teachers Association, USA

"We appreciate how much using this program has facilitated a big job and saved us a ton of money every month in supplies (printing, toner, envelopes, staples, labels, etc.) and postage! Your program not only saves us on the expense of supplies and postage but also saves us time too, which is equivalent to money saved!"

Angela M. Meharg, Crystal Reports Developer, Toronto, CANADA

"As a sixteen year Crystal Reports specialist and veteran, I am thrilled with PDF-eXPLODE. It is one of the most clever applications I've encountered for small and medium sized businesses. It is saving two of my customers HOURS AND HOURS of time every month, eliminating several manual processes (like running multiple versions of the same report and exporting the results to PDF for distribution). The value far exceeds the price - and the support is superior. Prompt responses to emails and questions, and a tireless search for the best solution to any problem we may have encountered. Do not hesitate to buy and use PDF-eXPLODE."

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What is Document Bursting or Report Bursting?

Report Bursting is a process that:

  • runs a report only once yet delivers only selected output to each nominated User of the report
  • uses pre-configured rules
  • greatly reduces the processing load of electronic media and manual human effort
  • retains data security
  • increases speed /timeliness of delivery.
For example, in the case of say 1000 monthly statements, one 'report bursting' run will "burst" or "explode" or "split" into 1000 pages, and each user receives a partial report containing one or more pages, with only the information pertaining to them. Each user thus receives a report personalized with information relevant to them. This report is often output as a PDF format and delivered as an attachment by email or uploaded to a website using FTP or distributed via other delivery methods.

Why is there an increasing number of businesses using PDF-eXPLODE?

It will SAVE YOU money guaranteed! But don't take our word for it. We dare you to try it.

A 1000 page report that could take between one to two days to process, manually sort and then mail, should be done by PDF-eXPLODE within around 2-3 hours (this would vary depending on the report type and computer processing speed and available RAM).

How does PDF-eXPLODE work?

The following graphic sums up the document or report bursting and delivery process in PDF-eXPLODE:


From within your application or Report Writer, click Print, then select the 'PDF-eXPLODE' Printer. Windows processes the output and sends this to the PDF-eXPLODE program for processing.


This is where the report bursting occurs. PDF-eXPLODE will 'explode' the PDF into multiple PDFs each containing one or more pages based on a hidden "tag" (specially formatted text) in the document


Send burst or exploded PDF documents by E-Mail or FTP (or just archive on your hard disk) with or without additional documents attached (based on rules you define)

It's really as easy as 1-2-3!! The set-up on a Desktop version can take as little as 2 hours to be up and running.