We have developed the following support options that take advantage of our highly acclaimed service at very affordable prices. If PDF-eXPLODE is a business critical process then we strongly recommend you consider your options below. You have a choice of 4 service types:

1. Priority Paid Support

Our premium priority annual support contract with turnaround times of up to 48 business hours or less. Priority Support is provided at no charge during the startup period of the first 60 days following purchase. Once 60 days have elapsed, Priority Support is available for purchase for a 12-month period provided that Priority Support has been purchased for all current licenses and includes: i Help installing, configuring and validating proper operation of PDF-eXPLODE software. ii Help diagnosing and solving problems with PDF-eXPLODE software where the software does not perform as advertised or documented. iii Product updates (e.g. V 4.0 to V 4.1) and temporary fixes but not major upgrades (e.g.V 4 to V 5). iv Responses will be made by e-mail, phone or Skype at the support provider's discretion and may require use of a remote connection to the customer's PC. v A response will be provided within 24 hours from the time of initial contact, excluding weekends and holidays.

2. Per-incident Support

Priority support will be provided on a per-incident basis for US $150 in the event the start-up period has passed and Priority Support has not been purchased.

3. Non Priority Community Based support

This support is available via the web by registering at PDF-eXPLODE Support Forum (see below) - Your questions will be responded to by either the developers or one of the PDF-eXPLODE community users.

4. Free Support

Priority Support (see definition #1 above) will be provided at no charge during the Startup Period, defined as the first 60 days beginning on the date of purchase of a product license. After the start up Period, free support will be limited to: i Self-service using resources provided on the product website. ii License activation reset for the purpose of re-imaging the disk on which PDF-eXPLODE was installed or moving the license to a different PC iii Providing a download link for the current or previously purchased versions of the PDF-eXPLODE setup program iv Customer database lookup/update of contact information, license ID and password v Re-send a copy of an invoice

Free Support

If you need any free support then the best place to start is with our Support forum. Click the icon "I have a Question!" at the far left, to access this site.

Search the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base covers in excess of 60 articles spread over Installing, Licensing, Configuring, Processing, Emailing, Archiving and Tips N Tricks. It provides detailed solution instructions. Click on the icon on the far left to access the KnowledgeBase.

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Win 7 or 8 (PDF-eXPLODE ver.4+ only) or 10(PDF-eXPLODE ver.4+ only), Win 2000/2008, 2012 amd 2016 (PDF-eXPLODE ver.4+only)
Hard Drive: Minimum 34MB of hard disk space
RAM: At least 16MB of free RAM
Note: There is no 64 Bit installer available for PDF-eXPLODE v3 prior to Y2012. Hence any versions dated prior Y2012 cannot be installed as a printer in any 64 Bit Windows


Click on the icon on the far left to request a Webinar within the following times:

US and Canada: - any weekday afternoon after 2:30PM in Summer and 4:00PM in winter (or mornings up to 9:30AM in winter) .
Europe and Africa: - any weekday morning to 11:00AM.
Australia and New Zealand: - any weekday between 8:00AM and 4:00PM.

As part of the webinar, we will give you a live demo of PDF-eXPLODE, go through any issues you have or likely to have, discuss your desired functionality, etc. You will need to give us a few different times that suit besides your name, company, city and time zone.