How Crystal Reports and PDF-eXPLODE Bursting Can Increase Your Profit!

Technology has a big impact on most businesses today. Even small companies with turnover between $250,000 to $1,000,000 can benefit from document bursting and delivery.

If you are a small-business owner, you are "busy" all the time with so many varied responsibilities. And sending invoices to clients is one of them. From a technical point of view, cash flow is important to your business and issuing invoices on a timely basis means you will more than likely receive the payment earlier than usual. Why would you process your Invoices manually - printing, sorting and stuffing into envelopes and then mailing them? Surely it's unthinkable? All these activities involve you in unnecessary additional costs - like the cost of envelopes @ $0.02-0.05 each, postage @ $0.40 to $0.60 each envelope,and then there are envelope stationery costs, not to speak about those wasted labor hours - all up, probably a cost of $1.00 to $1.25 for each Invoice sent by post.

Here are some of the reasons for PDF-eXPLODE's success:

  • Automated bulk delivery - Have a lot of weekly or monthly invoices to deliver? Leave it to this Document burster tool to simplify your document delivery. Indeed, you can personalize your email with invoice attachment in bulk email sending.
  • No compatibility issue - Several users complained about their automation tools not being compatible with their existing business software. On the contrary, PDF-eXPLODE is an impeccably stable and can connect with any business software.
  • 45-day Trial - You can TRY before you BUY and have the confidence that the automated solution works for you. Join the thousands of customers that are delighted with PDF-eXPLODE electronic delivery tool. It really works! Since you have the opportunity to use PDF-eXPLODE for bursting and sending invoices, you can judge its performance and versatility in getting your job done.

You can save around 40% of your costs when you use this automated tool. In addition, you will have plenty of time to focus on running your business operations.

Join 1000+ users across 26 countries who have simplified their businesses using PDF-eXPLODE

Just click your PRINT button and walk away! Our software will do the hard work.

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting and report writing software
  • Not only can you password protect, but you can send multiple PDFs to one e-mail destination
  • Easy to set up rules to customize exploded filenames, nested archive folders and e-mail content
  • Cost effective; reduce labor costs from days to minutes: 1000 Invoices emailed in approx.60 mins*
  • It's quick and efficient: 250 invoices or paystubs emailed and archived in under 25 mins*

* Based on PDF-eXPLODE V4 and subject to CPU processor speed, available PC RAM and your ISP connection speed

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